Our values

The Radley Trust’s work is underpinned by the values that spring from a commitment to living with trust in divine guidance. Quakers are committed to living in accordance to their faith in the presence and guidance of God in their individual and corporate life. They seek to recognise and respond to that same guiding spirit when present in others.  Living by such faith opens the way to transformation and the manifestation of gifts such as peace, equality, integrity, simplicity and prophetic witness, which is an ability to perceive and articulate the truth of a situation. 

Over the years Quakers have developed certain Testimonies; for example Testimonies to: Truth and Integity; Justice, Equality and Community; Simplicity; The Earth and the Environment and, perhaps the most well known, our Testimony to Peace.  What we have come to call “testimonies” have become values we strive to live by. These values are not unique to Quakers – many people hold similar values. What is different is that these values spring from faith.

In the Swarthmore lecture (2014), Ben Pink Dandelion reminds us that there is but one “testimony”, and that is living in the Spirit. The fruits of the Spirit are then a gift that comes from faith, not our human efforts.